When do I come for my trial?

I always prefer doing the trial as close to the wedding as possible. 1- 2 weeks before the wedding is best.

I do my most trials Wednesday mornings between 09h00 and 12h00.  These are the times my busy little monkey toddler is at school and we can have a quiet, serene environment in which to be creative.
I suggest you book your trial before a dress fitting as you will then be able to see the hair and makeup look with your dress.

As mentioned above 1 – 2 weeks before the wedding works well as it gives you time to give me feedback as well as keep your look fresh in my memory.

Booking the trial is the responsibility of the bride.


For most wedding packages 1 x free trial is included in the package.

If your shoot/wedding package does not include or you want to book additional trials the costs will be:

Make-up only – R750

Hair Only – R750

Hair and Makeup – R1000


How Long will each trial last?

Make-up only – 90min

Hair Only – 90min

Hair and Makeup – 3 Hours

Where will the trial happen?

Trials are done at my home in Pinehurst, Durbanville. 

Can I bring Someone to the trial??

Off course you can! The more the merrier. Bring someone along for support and who you trust, I have seen too many times that a mother or friend or bridesmaid overrule the bride’s ideas and wishes, and in the end the trial end up taking 5 hours.

So make sure this is someone who you trust and can have fun with, but respect your wishes.

Can we do a trial on a different day, time and/or place

At the moment I have a standing arrangement for child care on Monday and Wednesday mornings which I pay for. So this is the only time that I have available.

It is possibile to schedule a different location day, time and location but there would be a R650 surcharge as this means extra costs, travel Time/costs and admin on my side.